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A VR game about picking the right song to set the mood, keying the ignition and driving down an infinite road one dreamlike evening. 

Sometimes you need to just get away from it all and drive for a really long time. Downpour Drive is about that feeling.

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The people who worked on this game:

Original music:

3D artwork used under CC BY 4.0, see readme for full attribution.

Known issues: when using Oculus Quest devices, the controls will be non-functional. Currently we don't have access to a Quest to fix this issue, so for the time being this game is exclusive to the Oculus GO.


_Downpour Drive - Exhibition Build(Oculus Go, Oculus Quest).apk 97 MB
readme.txt 3 kB


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Why is this tagged with the oculus quest?? cause it very clearly does not work with it I can tell you that right now, its laggy as all hell cause of poor optimization and you cant pick anything up so It doesn't work.

Yeah, we're aware of the bugs on quest. Haven't had access to a device to fix any of them, so I guess I'll remove the tags for the time being.