A downloadable project for Windows

Some free FPS levels that I designed for Tesseract as part of my level design module, or just for fun.

Re: Suspension, if you click on the Michelangelo's David in the Red Team's base the game will crash to desktop. I have no fucking clue why this might be.


Install instructions

  1. Download the Tesseract installer from http://tesseract.gg/
  2. Extract Tesseract using 7Zip or WinRar
  3. Run the game to generate a \Documents\My Games folder
  4. Download the level zip you want
  5. Extract the level files using 7Zip or WinRar
  6. Copy the folder \Tesseract into your \Documents\My Games folder, overwriting any files that it asks you about
  7. Open the game and pray


_Suspension - v1.0.zip 18 MB

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